Project Description:


April 15 to 24, 2018 at The Theatre Centre

Whenever you tell yourself “I DO NOT FIND THIS EROTIC” and a little snag churns your gut and whispers that you’re in denial, Mr. Truth is with you.

In a series of tragicomic nightmare vignettes, a masked demon-like entity follows people who repress their “erotic truths” and forces them to confront their desires in spectacularly painful ways.

Like watching a parody that blooms into a revolting orgasmic hallucination, it’s off the beaten sketch comedy path, with a satisfying dose of the primal, the lurid, and the bizarre.

MR. TRUTH is presented as part of the RISER Project, a collaborative producing model by Why Not Theatre, with the generous support of the Government of Canada.

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created and performed by

Lauren Gillis and Alaine Hutton

ted witzel – Consulting Direction
Fides Krucker – Vocal Coaching
Wesley McKenzie – Sound Design
Peter Demas- Video Design
Andrew Pye – Lighting Design
Giuseppe Condello – Stage Management
Tim Lindsay – Technical Direction

Production management by Deborah Lim
Lighting design by Andrew Pye
Publicity by FLIP Publicity (Carrie Sager)
Produced by Why Not Theatre (Ravi Jain, Owais Lightwala, Kelly Read, sandra Henderson)