Winter Soldiers

Project Description:

Winter Soldiers

March 2008

This collaboration with the Theatre Centre in Toronto was a visual and auditory experience, which looked at the actual accounts of American Soldiers who fought in Iraq testifying against the atrocities they witnessed and committed during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Marking the 5th Anniversary of the war this piece was a gathering of audio from, taken from the Winter Soldier hearing in Silver Springs Maryland.

“I just want to say that I am sorry for the hate and destruction that I have inflicted on innocent people, and I’m sorry for the hate and destruction that others have inflicted on innocent people. At one point, it was OK. But reality has shown that it’s not and that this is happening and that until people hear about what is going on with this war, it will continue to happen and people will continue to die. I am sorry for the things that I did. I am no longer the monster that I once was. Thank you.”
Former Marine, Jon Michael Turner, fought with the 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines

Special thanks to Rita Leistner who donated her work for the showing.

Performed at The Theatre Centre

Conceived and Directed by Ravi Jain
Text and audio edits Ravi Jain