ThisGen 2016

Project Description:



From August 25th to 28th 2016, Why Not Theatre hosted a group of diverse and dynamic artistic leaders from Canada, USA, UK, Rwanda, Nigeria and Turkey in Toronto, Canada for a 4-day gathering called ThisGen. ThisGen is a gathering of local, national and international artists who are all making significant impacts within their communities, through the arts. They are current artistic leaders working in a range of roles, in companies that range from grassroots organizations to institutions – and everything in between. We brought these people together to have conversations, build an international network, and engage with the question: “What’s next for the theatre?”

Community Long Tables

As part of the gathering we hosted 2 Long Table conversations at 2 different Toronto theatre venues (Aug 26th at Soulpepper and Aug 27th at Canadian Stage), open to practitioners from the Toronto theatre community. Long Table is a conversation format developed by UK artist Lois Weaver. It’s a provocative, experimental, and non-hierarchical format for public dialogue – anyone is welcome to the table to make statements, leave comments, ask questions, or simply to listen.

Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts’ Equity Office, the gathering, over the course of the 4 days was hosted by several venues (The Theatre Centre, Soulpepper Theatre, Canadian Stage and Factory Theatre), with an intimate group of 24 invited artists from across Canada and the world. The participants were joined by thought leaders and guest speakers from Canada (Artistic Directors Franco Boni, Albert Schultz, Nina Lee Aquino, Ravi Jain), the United States (National Consultant on Diversity and Inclusion, Carmen Morgan) and the UK (Artistic Director of the Bush Theatre Madani Younis, and cultural activist, writer and prominent Live Art advocate Lois Keidan). See the full participant on the microsite here.

Co-curated by Ravi Jain, Jenny Koons
Produced by Kelly Read and Owais Lightwala of Why Not Theatre
With the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, The Theatre Centre, Soulpepper Theatre, Canadian Stage and Factory Theatre