The Raven

Project Description:

The Raven

June 2009

Presented during the Luminato Festival as part of the Young Centre’s New Waves Festival.

Why Not Theatre were one of 8 independent theatre companies commissioned to create a site specific piece as part of the artistic explosion that was the new waves festival. Our adaptation of Edgar allen Poe’s The raven, was an imagistic “chamber mime piece” bringing new life to this timeless classic.

Performed at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts
Created in collaboration with Theatre RUN
Conceived by Ravi Jain and Adam Paolozza
Performed by Ravi Jain , Coleen Macpherson and Adam Paolozza

“The Raven is story telling at its finest. Why Not Theatre have interpreted Edgar Allen Poe’s classic tale with masterful elegance. Their style is inventive, physical and compellingly fun – and not for one second do they lose that specific edge of Gothic horror. Keep watching out for these exceptional theatre artists”

– Martha Ross