The Prince Hamlet

Project Description:

The Prince Hamlet

September-October 2007

Performed at Toronto Dance Theatre

Not yet two months after the death of King Hamlet, the Queen has remarried and Prince Hamlet struggles to understand how the world and his mother are able to move on. Visited by the ghost of his father who directs Hamlet to avenge his murder by killing the murderer – his uncle, now king and step-father. The Prince Hamlet is the story of a young man/boy burdened by what he must do, trying to understand how to live in his time and how “to be”.

Why Not creates a reconstruction of Hamlet that employs a filmic language in order to attract a young audience. Replacing exposition with action, Why Not breathes new life into a 400 year old story, illuminating its contemporary relevance. Drawing from international techniques of adapting story, image, text and music explored at the famous Lecoq School in Paris, and with members of the internationally acclaimed Complicite, the company builds a physically dynamic ensemble transporting us through the hallways of Denmark.

Conceived and adapted by Ravi Jain
Directed by Ravi Jain and Katrina Bugaj
Gina Scherr -Lighting
Kelsey Hart – Costume Design
Stephanie Nakamura- Stage Manager
David Armstrong – Production Assistant
Will O’Hare (USA) – Guildenstern/Player King/Gravedigger
Sean Donovan (USA) – Claudius
Rory Sheridan (USA) – Polonius
Kathryn Merry (USA/Canada) – Ophelia
Aron De Casemaker* (Canada) – Laertes
Liz Pounsett* (Canada) – Gertrude
Philip Graeme* (Canada/UK) – Hamlet
Matthew Bulgo (UK) – Horatio
Troels Hagen Findsen (EU/Denmark) – Rosencrantz/Player Queen/ Gravedigger
Reza Jacobs (Pakistan) – Sound Design

Paula Citron, The Globe & Mail

“Even for people who have seen one Hamlet too many, this production will surprise and delight. An astonishingly absorbing piece of theatre.”

 John Kaplan, NOW Magazine

“It takes a brave director to take on Hamlet, a braver one to reinterpret Shakespeare’s best-known work. Why Not Theatre ‘s Ravi Jain and Katrina Bugaj succeed in a number of ways.”

Johnnie Walker,

“It might just be the perfect introduction to one of the greatest plays in Western theatre.”

Robert Cushman, The National Post

“The production [The Prince Hamlet] directed by Jain is lively, exciting and very intelligent…the staging really is illuminating”