The Other

Project Description:

The Other

May 3 to May 14 2016 at The Theatre Centre

Sharon has never felt like she belonged anywhere. This feeling of alienation has been compounded by the fact that Sharon has never been in a ‘normal’ relationship. The Other is a sexy dark comedy from the companies that have brought Toronto SIA, Sudden Death and Malaria Lullaby.

The Other is presented as part of the RISER Project, a collaborative producing model by Why Not Theatre, with the generous support of the Toronto Arts Council and the Government of Canada.


Produced by Company Blonde Dance Projects and Pyretic Productions
Monica Dottor (Director/Choreographer/Performer/Set Designer)
Lara Ebata (Performer)
Natalie Fullerton (Performer)
Alida Nyquist-Schultz (Performer)
Holly Treddenick (Performer)
Matthew MacKenzie (Playwright/Producer)
Lyon Smith (Sound Designer)
Monica Dottor with James Fisher (Costume Designer)
Lianna Makuch (Producer)
Iris Turcott (Dramaturge)
Charissa Wilcox (Stage Manager)
Dylan Trowbridge (Assistant Director)
Max Telzerow (Photographer)