Streetscape at Regent Park ‘Living Space’

Project Description:

Streetscape at Regent Park ‘Living Space’

June 2008

Commissioned by the Luminato Festival for Creativity in partnership with Manifesto.

Through photography workshops, storytelling workshops, graffiti workshops and visual art workshops, we beautified an area of Regent Park and created a walking tour led by 20 dynamic youth, which told the stories of the lives of the people in the Regent Park Community. 20 youth worked in collaboration with all of these artists over 10 weeks, to celebrate this community that is going through a difficult time of de/reconstruction.

Project Leaders: Devon Ostrom, Seema Jethalal, Ravi Jain
This amazing collaboration in partnership with Luminato and Manifesto was a huge artistic collaboration involving Why Not Theatre, High Top Studios, Schools Without Borders,, 7th Generation Image makers, Dan Bergeron, Jamel Shabazz, Style in Progress, Regent Park Focus, Harbourfront Community Centre, Centre for Indigenous Theatre and many more.