Project Description:


A two-person comedy highly acclaimed for its fast paced, intelligent and poetic commentary on the greed that caused the financial crises. At the heart of this clown / buffoon piece is the story of two financial executives who have lost everything in the crash and jump from a building. Winner of the Dora Award for Best Performance (Toronto), two actors play 20 characters from around the world in this physical and comedic tour de force. Created in collaboration with three seasoned international physical theatre companies, this show will have you laughing all the way to the bank.

Created in collaboration with Theatre Smith Gilmour and Theatre RUN, Spent is a new Canadian play that won popular and critical praise for its fast-paced, poetic, poor-man’s commentary on the excesses and absurdities that led to the financial crisis. Spent was honored with three 2010 Dora nominations, including Best Production and Best New Play. Spent won the 2010 Dora for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble.

  • Written by: Dean Gilmour, Michele Smith, Ravi Jain and Adam Paolozza
  • Directed by: Michele Smith and Dean Gilmour
  • Performed by: Adam Paolozza and Ravi Jain
  • Lighting Designer Andre du Toit
  • Poster Design by Mina Mikhail

New York, USA

Mumbai, India

Toronto, Canada

Edinburgh, UK

Kelowna, Canada

Jon Kaplan, Now Magazine

“A wonderful combination of incisive satire and sharp physical comedy…Performers Paolozza and Jain are impeccable, alternating and blending movement and dialogue so expertly that you’d think they’re joined not only at the hip but also at a telepathic brain level.”

Paula Citron, Classical 96.3FM

“Spent is an utterly engaging hour because it is smart and witty… [the show] is first class theatre from powerhouse creators… The brilliance of the show is how two human bodies can create whole vistas of images through movement and Andre du Toit’s innovative lighting… Jain and Paolozza are charismatic performers.”

Robert Crew, Toronto Star

“Spent is splendidly satirical as Paolozza, Jain, Smith and Gilmour target the greed that underlies the current crisis.”

Mathew Jocelyn, Artistic Director Canadian Stage Company

“Witty, subversive, “cocasse” – I hope there is more where that came from.”