speaking of sneaking

Project Description:

speaking of sneaking

May 2-11, 2018 at The Theatre Centre

Ginnal is one of the lucky ones who made it here to Foreign. His lover Asafa is still stuck in Yard. Ginnal is doing all that he can to get Asafa to Foreign – tricking, picking and even dicking. This is speaking of sneaking, a multidisciplinary mash-up of dance, poetry and pantomime, where the archetypal Jamaican ginnal and the mythical African Anansi meet.

speaking of sneaking is presented as part of the RISER Project, a collaborative producing model by Why Not Theatre, with the generous support of the Government of Canada.

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director, dramaturge: d’bi.young anitafrika
creator, performer: daniel jelani ellis
set and costume designer: Rachel Forbes
movement: Virgilia Griffith
stage manager: Kathleen Jones
choreographer: Brian Solomon lighting design: Andre du Toit

Production management by Deborah Lim
Lighting design by Andre du Toit
Publicity by FLIP Publicity (Carrie Sager)
Produced by Why Not Theatre (Ravi Jain, Owais Lightwala, Kelly Read, sandra Henderson)