Project Description:

Riser Project


an auto-fictional-biography
by Adam Paolozza

How is it that one feels homesick for a place that was never one’s home?
Join Adam Paolozza, a second generation Italo-Canadian longing for something more authentic, as he attempts to assemble an autobiography from family stories, surreal images, folk songs and scraps of memory from the ‘old country’…the Italy of his Father’s childhood.

Directed by Adam Paolozza with Daniele Bartolini
Created and Written by Adam Paolozza & Daniele Bartolini
Featuring Adam Paolozza
Dramaturgy by Guillermo Verdecchia
Lighting Design by Andre Du Toit
Projection Design by Anahita Dehbonehie
Sound Design and Original Music by Samuel Sholdice
Image and Photos by Lacey Creighton
Costumes and Set Design by Adam Paolozza
Stage Management by Dylan Tate-Howarth