Oraltorio: a Theatrical Mixtape

Project Description:

Photo credit Zahra Siddiqui

Oraltorio: a Theatrical Mixtape

April 29 to May 12 2016 at The Theatre Centre

Oraltorio: a Theatrical Mixtape is a coming of age story that traces the personal and collective journey of Northside-born girls as they grapple with identity, migrate through their histories, and manifest their lineages through ancient, contemporary, and Afro-futuristic soundscapes; finding the multi-layered voices of the B Girl and the DJ, as the traditional storyteller and drummer are reborn in their beats and rhymes.

Oraltorio: a Theatrical Mixtape is presented as part of the RISER Project, a collaborative producing model by Why Not Theatre, with the generous support of the Toronto Arts Council and the Government of Canada.


Performed by: Motion and DJ L’Oqenz

Written by: Motion

Music & Sound Design by: DJ L’Oqenz
Director: Mumbi Tindyebwa
Choreographer: Roger C. Jeffrey
Assistant Director: Saccha Dennis

Stage Manager: Tara Mohan
Set & Props Designer: Jackie Chau
Costume Designer: Mariuxi Zambrano
Lighting Designer: Andre du Toit
Video Designer: Ramon Charles
Associate Video Designer: Remington North
Associate Sound Designer: David Mesiha

Dramaturge: Mel Hague

Produced by: MotionLive Collective in association with IFT Theatre and Newface Entertainment