Like Mother, Like Daughter

Project Description:

Like Mother, Like Daughter

In Collaboration with Complicite (UK)

“It works on the premise that other people’s lives are always completely fascinating…it’s a lovely idea, a simple act of generosity on the part of all those involved that made me leave BAC mourning my own mother and all the questions I never asked while there was still time.”Lyn Gardner in The Guardian UK

Why Not Theatre and Complicite Creative Learning partner in bringing together real daughters and their mothers (or mothers and their daughters) who create and perform in a show, using their own lives and stories in an improvised format.

Originating in Montreal, as part of OFFTA, Like Mother, Like Daughter is being produced all over the world with local groups of mothers and daughters.

Originally conceived by Why Not Theatre, Toronto and Complicite, London, with OFFTA, Montreal and Battersea Arts Centre, London. Conceived and developed by Poppy Keeling, Ravi Jain and Rose Plotek.

918 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Oct 2016


Co-Directed by Rose Plotek and Ravi Jain
Assistant Directed by Lisa Karen Cox
Production and Stage Manager – Pip Bradford
Production Assistant – Pamela Feghali
Created and Produced by Why Not Theatre and Complicite Creative Learning
Producer for Complicite Creative Learning – Poppy Keeling
Producer for Why Not Theatre – Kelly Read
Producer for Koffler Center – Jessica Dargo Caplan
Catering by Newcomer Kitchen Photos by Mary Anderson, Presented by Koffler Centre for the Arts

Participants (listed Mother, Daughter)

Lucy Aposhian, Annie Sahagian
Ida Gilodo, Karen Gilodo
Zarina Decambra, Omita Mansur
Isabel Iribarren, Ximena Huizi
Haju Suliman, Fiona Suliman
Grainne Goodwin, Ruth Goodwin
Aaloka Mehndiratta, Amrita Kumar Ratta
Barbara Kulesza, Natalie Kulesza
Aida Victoria Jalea, Gracia Dyer Jalea
Norie Perez, Elle Alconcel
Jasjit Sangha, Simryn Mordasiewicz

Espace Libre, Montreal, 2016
West Yorkshire, UK, 2014
Battersea Arts Centre, London, 2014

Director: Ravi Jain and Rose Plotek
Designer: Ruth Sutcliffe
Producer: Poppy Keeling
Stage Manager: Adam Chesnutt
Food: Camilla Keeling
Project Assistants: Nishi Begum and Maaya Modha
Produced in association with Women’s Interfaith Network, with support from 3FF, Inlight Trust, The Goldsmiths’ Company Charity and the Joseph Stong Frazer Trust

OFFTA, Montreal, 2014

Mothers and Daughters
Lizy Mostowski
Nicole Charette and Stephanie Zidel
Sandra and Cathy Rabinovitch
Ivy Tolchinsky and Vanessa Meyer
Leslie Bronstein and Davida Syne
Dinah and Myra Shuster

Director: Ravi Jain, with Rose Plotek
Designer: Cynthia St-Gelais, with Josée Bergeron-Proulx
Producer: Poppy Keeling
Photography: Katya Konioukhova and Julian Stamboulieh
Food: The Wandering Chew
Challah: Esther Channa Zirkind
Filmmaker: Robin Pineda Gould

Koffler Centre for the Arts, Toronto, 2016
Battersea Arts Centre, London, 2014
West Yorkshire, Sept 2014
OFFTA, Montreal, June 2014