Ellen Lauren (SITI Company)

Project Description:


Suzuki/Viewpoints Master Class: Ellen Lauren

November 2009

This is the second installment of Suzuki/Viewpoints Masterclasses with Master teacher Ellen Lauren of the SITI Company.


“I have always believed in the importance of lifelong training as a theatre artist, and to that end recently participated in the Theatre Why Not hosted Suzuki/Viewpoints workshop with master teacher and actor extraordinaire Ellen Lauren. Ms Lauren is without a doubt one of the finest teachers I have had the honour to investigate a theatre discipline with. The course was a rigorous exploration of very challenging, eye opening and dare I say “old fashioned” processes of theatre making. I commend Theatre Why Not for committing to this kind of training and for exposing Toronto to an artist of Ms Lauren’s stature.”
-David Ferry

“I found the intensive thoroughly ground breaking. It challenged me both physically and mentally as an actor. I felt a distinct shift in my approach to my creative life and I was eager and excited to attend every day. The work space and participants really met my needs for community, dedication and creative investigation. Ellen Lauren blew my mind, I can’t wait to do more.”
-Kristin Lehman

“The workshop introduced me to a clearer picture of the person i am striving to be: one who speaks and moves from his core, within myself but for others, demanding of myself but responsive to the world in and around me. I feel like i am beginning to touch on my own foundations, and look forward to further practice and growth.”
–Stephan Kim

“Thank you for bringing Ellen Lauren to Toronto. We young minds and bodies who are in a hurry to make theatre that impacts/resonates/excites (now!) can stand to learn so much from master teachers like Ellen who have devoted such steady commitment to a methodology. Her years with the forms were evident in her descriptions, her observations, and her excellent example. I think there is sometimes a worry when enrolling in training with Master teachers that they will be beyond their prime, or riding on a name they’ve built for themselves years ago. This definitely wasn’t true with Ellen. I felt she was incredibly present with us, and open to the immediate possibilities in the room. ”
-Mathew Thomas Walker