Project Description:


Feb 2015

Presented in association with Progress

Tunisian writer, actor, and dancer Meher Debbich Awachri performs in the internationally successful piece D-Sisyphe, inspired by the myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus. In this adaptation, the character of Sisyphus is the Tunisian construction worker Khmais who is not happy with his life. In the course of the years, his family has become a burden to him, the people around him despise him, and God seems to have rejected him. Khmais sees the wreckage of his life. He seems to lose faith, and even though this painful realisation scares him, it also gives him strength. With a very physical approach, Awachri offers a provocative, thorough and nuanced insight into contemporary Arab civilization and its problems.

“Meher and i met at a festival in the United Arab Emirates, and we clicked immediately. He is an enormously talented multi-disciplinary artist, and D-Sysiphe (a pun in french on the word “decisive”) operates on many levels – simultaneously a gritty tale about a construction worker in Tunis, a riff on the famous Camus story, and an exploration of how a revolution begins first in the mind.”  – Ross Manson, AD Volcano Theatre