Complicite Workshop

Project Description:


Complicite Workshop


“Complicite is more than just a theatre company: it is a state of mind.”

The workshop brought together 30 actors, directors, dancers, designers and writers from Toronto to explore:

  • Playfulness, presence, theatre and movement
  • Neutral mask
  • Le Jeu (physical play)
  • Clowning
  • Rhythm and ensemble building
  • Complicite’s methods of devising work by adapting a short story and exploring Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Taught by actor and director Lilo Baur and Stefan Metz, both long time collaborators with Complicite we spent 2 weeks working with short texts and building ensemble creations. It was a rare treat and we hope to have them back soon!

About Complicite: World renowned and internationally acclaimed Complicite is one of the most innovative and influential theatre companies of our time. Founded in 1983 by Simon McBurney, Annabel Arden, and Marcello Magni, Complicite is a constantly evolving ensemble of performers and collaborators, now led by Artistic Director Simon McBurney.

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The Complicite Workshop was excellent. Lilo and Stefan are amazing teachers and motivators who, along with Ravi, provided a great safe place in which to discover and play.I’ve taken many many workshops and this one invited me in, took care of me without being patronising or protective, and gave me so very much back. It progressed in a very organic way until the group, which was a wonderful mix of individuals and personalities not wrapped up in themselves but eager to taste the work, moved forward in an ensemble.
I learned a lot about my work and myself and intend on keeping in touch with some of the participants, all of whom inspired me.
Choreographer, Vivien Moore

The Théâtre de Complicité’s workshop was rigorous, enlightening, and a whole lot of fun. I would take it again in a heartbeat.
Writer, Nicolas Billon

It was one of the most fantastic experiences, professional or personal, I’ve ever had, not only due to what Stefan and Lilo taught us, but because it showed me once again what theatre is capable of. It was inspirational to meet with other artists night after night, challenging ourselves physically and creatively, and going beyond what we thought were our possibilities.
Actor/Writer, Lara Arabian