Cine Monstro

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Photo by Annelize Tozetto

Cine Monstro

Feb 2015 at the Theatre Centre

Presented in association with Progress

Enrique Diaz performs in a critically acclaimed adaptation of Daniel MacIvor’s “Monster”, performed entirely in Portuguese. Alone on stage, Diaz transforms himself into a series of MacIvor’s characters whose lives seem eerily related. There’s the young boy who tells the story of the neighbour lad who hacked up his father in the basement. There are alcoholic Al and whiny Janine, the lovers who quarrel, make up, and decide to marry after seeing a movie about a lad who…well, same thing. There’s the ex-drunk who dreamed up the movie, but got no credit because he was said to have stolen the idea from a famous unfinished film, a claim that so angered him that he went back on the sauce. And there’s the movie maker who made that incomplete epic.

Enrique Diaz is a Brazilian actor and stage director. At the age of 19, he founded the Companhia dos Atores in Rio de Janeiro. At the early 90’s, the company becomes know with A Bao Qu, and created their first show based on Jorge Luis Borges. Since 2002, he is also at the head of the Coletivo Improviso, founded with artists from multidisciplinary fields. Diaz’s work has been featured in France as part of the TEMPS D’IMAGES, including Ensaio Hamlet (Répétitions.Hamlet), based on Shakespeare’s play and Seagull Play based on Chekhov’s The Seagull, both shows interrogating the art of acting and the concept of theatre. As a screen actor, Diaz is well known by audiences for his performances in House of Sand, Kenoma, and Carandiru.