Business As Usual

Project Description:

Business As Usual

April/May 2014 at the Theatre Centre

In the basement of a large corporation, paper pushers are in a rat race for the top. On the top floor, the bigwigs are trying desperately to grease the rusty gears of a sinking enterprise. It’s survival of the fittest, as the dog-eat-dog mentality of the today’s corporations takes on maddening proportions.

In this modern day satire, the “nine-to-five” grind is an absurd and tragicomic descent into mass hysteria. And yet, for everyone involved, it’s just Business As Usual.

Produced by  ZOU Theatre Company

Created and directed by Viktor Lukawski

Performed by Viktor Lukawski, Nicolas Di Gaetano and Adam Paolozza

Stage Managed by Jiv Parasram

Set Design by Ken McKenzie

Assistant Set Design by Joe Pagnan

Lighting Design by Andre Du Toit

Associate Lighting Design by Raha Javanfar

Supported by Theatre Smith Gilmour and Why Not Theatre