Founded in 2007, Why Not Theatre is a Toronto-based theatre company with an international scope. Under founding Artistic Director Ravi Jain and Artistic Producers Owais Lightwala and Kelly Read,Why Not has established a reputation as a company synonymous with inventive, experimental, cross-cultural collaborations resulting in shows featuring new Canadian writing, company-devised and site specific shows alongside revitalized interpretations of classics. In recent years, the company has also become known for its presentation of international productions and workshops from diverse cultures and artistic practices, along with support for the development of local emerging artists and companies.

Essential to our creative process are the collisions that arise from our different cultures, languages and experiences provoking us to seek new styles, stories and forms. Our theatre is international in the truest sense of the word: it is created between nations and transcends the borders of race, celebrating all cultures, languages and forms.

“While working in Nairobi, Kenya I learned of Ngugi wa’Thiongo. He was a pioneer of Kenyan theatre, who was exiled for rediscovering a Kenyan theatre, which challenged the British rule and history of the country. Someone wrote of his work, “he was searching for alternative visions of existence”. That phrase has stuck with me ever since, and is the bedrock of everything I do. For our company, it means challenging the status quo and what kinds of stories are being told and who is telling them. “  – Ravi Jain

Guided by our core values of innovationcommunity and collaboration, our three main streams of activity are Creating, Presenting and Innovating.


Other Staff

Creative Consultants: Amy Nostbakken and Norah Sadava
Research & Analysis: Daavi Wong Wolfson